Saturday, December 29, 2012

Transit Rahu conjunct Saturn in Libra

Trickster to be disciplined under task master.

Rahu and Ketu (North Node and South Node of the Moon) have moved to Libra and Aries respectively.

Over the period of time and experience, I have realized that the mean node calculations for retrograde planet are more accurate and coincide better with personal experiences. Thus, based on mean node calculations, Rahu and Ketu have changed their axis on December 23, 2012. However, both the nodes will be in Sandhi (transitory period) for a while and will start showing its effects from Jan 13, 2013.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and are always retrograde, hence they move backwards and give the effects of the plants they conjunct or the house they occupy. As they are slow moving plants and transit through a sign takes about 18 months, their change of signs is considered as a big event. Furthermore, Rahu and Ketu are karmic planets and will usually bring karmic lessons to be delivered or learnt.

This transit of Rahu and Ketu is especially significant as both the planets were debilitated for last 18 months and will thus be out of debilitation. Furthermore, Rahu will conjoin exalted Saturn in Libra, this event is very rare and takes place once in every other century (approx once in 150 years). Last it took place was in 1865, the year American Civil War and Slavery were ended.

This time again, two natural malefics (Rahu and Saturn) are again placed in friendly sign of Libra. Remember, Saturn is also a hard task master and a karmic planet... so its all about Payback, Payback, and Payback!!!

Rahu in general works like Saturn ("Rahu Vat Shani") and Rahu is a friend of Venus (ruler of Libra) and is friendly to Saturn. Here, Rahu will further magnify the qualities of exalted Saturn in Libra and the characteristics of the house Libra occupies. Exalted Saturn will also control haywire nature of Rahu, so the transit will not produce detrimental results but the results will vary and will depend upon:

1. If Rahu and Shani are malefic or benefic in native's natal chart
2. Libra occupies which house in the natal chart and the overall karmic outcome for that chart.

These effects will be intensified if the native is running Rahu or Shani Mahadasha or Antardasha (Major or Sub-Period).

All conclusions of Rahu transit in Libra must be considered from ascendant because it changes faster than the moon's position.

To predict for your own natal chart:

1. Check if Rahu is benefic or malefic in natal chart. If Rahu occupies benefic house (not 6, 8, or 12th  houses) and if it is conjunct with benefic lords (not 6, 8, or 12th lords) than Rahu will give positive results.

2. Check if Saturn is benefic or malefic in natal chart and its position in natal chart.

3. Check if Mahadasha (major period) and Antardasha (sub-period) are favorable.

General predictions for each Ascendant (Lagna) sign: 
(Note: Here, Jupiter's aspect is not taken into consideration as it is about to change sign in May 2013).

Aries or Mesha: 
Ketu will be present in first house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 7th house of spouse and relationships. Commitments in a relationships and business partners. Some problems in legal issues. Take care of your health.

Taurus or Vrishaba:
Ketu will be present in 12th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 6th house of effort, service, health, enemies, shad ripus, debts, and courts. Saturn and Rahu may give confused mind towards aims and competitions however, exalted saturn will also give good results and high rises in professional goals.

Gemini or Mithun: 
Ketu will be present in 11th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 5th house of education, creativity, and children. Students will benefit more from this transit. Romantic liaisons will increase which may not culminate into marriage.

Cancer or Karka: 
Ketu will be present in 10th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 4th house of house, landed property or current residing place. Natives a Chances of travel and change in residence is possible. Sexual desires may increase and should be kept under control.

Leo or Simha: 
Ketu will be present in 9th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 3rd house of courage, siblings, writings, communication, etc. Usually 3rd house transit of Saturn and Rahu is beneficial however, in this case an exalted upachaya house is not preferable. Unnecessary tensions and passive-aggressive relationship with siblings will increase. Siblings may undergo a life-altering event. Post May 2013, Jupiter-Saturn double transit will help mothers who are planning a family.

Virgo or Kanya: 
Ketu will be present in 8th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 2nd house of family matters, wealth, speech, diet, etc. Natives will receive sudden gain in wealth through family or in-laws or spouse or lottery. If there are wealth yogas in your natal chart expect to hit a jackpot!!! Ketu in 8th house is not good for family matters and relationships with in-laws and spouse will be strained.

Libra or Tula: 

Ketu will be present in 7th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in lagna. Exalted yogakaraka in lagna will be good for native. Many eligible Librans will finally tie the knot and settle down in life. The time is also good for gains through career and business.

Scorpio or Vrischik: 

Ketu will be present in 6th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 12th house of losses, hospitals, etc. Change in residence under forced circumstances, sudden loss of wealth and health related problems. Natives are advised to recite Hanuman Chalisa daily as well as light a lamp with sesame oil facing west in the evening. Do not ignore any health related issues.

Saggitarius or Dhanu: 

Ketu will be present in 5th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 11th house. Problems in personal life. Avoid any distractions outside marriage. Positive changes in professional life.

Capricorn or Makara:

Ketu will be present in 4th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 10th house. Excellent year for career. Some challenges with senior managers may surface till May 2013.

Aquarius or Kumbha:

Ketu will be present in 3th house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 9th house. Pretty neutral transit for you even though your Lagna lord and co-lord are in 9th house of fate and fortune. Travel will be high. Good time to seek further education.

Pisces or Meena:

Ketu will be present in 2nd house and Rahu along with Saturn will be present in 8th house. Problems in family and marital distress. Natives are advised to take care of their health and avoid any legal hassles. Recite Hanuman Chalisa after lighting a lamp with sesame oil facing west in the evening.

The above is just a general prediction for Rahu-Saturn conjunction in Libra. However, the results will vastly differ based on individual charts and ruling Mahadasha and Antaradasha.


  1. I am running the Mahadasha of Saturn and Rahu antardasha since Dec of 2012. I have Saggitarius lagna. Saturn is in 7th house in my natal chart and Rahu is in 12th house. Jup and Moon in 3rd house. Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Venus in 11th house.

  2. Your 11th house, Libra is action-packed and two strong planets Saturn and Rahu will bring matters related to 11th house into limelight. Transit of Saturn over debilitated 9L, Sun is particularly not good for your father's health and may delay fate and fortunes. Saturn transit over Sun usually brings travels. Also, matters related to 5 and 12H will be affected as exalted Saturn transit over its enemy Mars. Similarly, Rahu also transiting Libra transit over its dire enemy Mars and Rahu.

    From Moon:
    - Saturn and Rahu is again seen transiting in 9H.

    Take care, especially when Saturn and Rahu is passing over exact degrees on the planets in 11H, particularly Mars and Sun.

    Post May 2013, Ju will transit to Gemini and will directly aspect lagna, 11H and 7H. This transit of Jupiter will provide some benefit. If unmarried, chances of getting married is high.

    I would need to see the entire chart to see the exact effect and the mitigation factors.

    Till then prayers to Lord Hanuman.

    1. Forgot to mention that Sun receives partial neechbhanga from Venus, provided Venus is not combust and not severely afflicted.

  3. In my chart lagna (29 deg) is cancer with jup (29deg ) in it.Mars in 2nd,sun& venus in 3rd,exalted Saturn & Mer in 4th,Rahu in 5th,lagna lord Moon in 7th, ketu in 11th.Kindly examine my chart w.r.t my career. Iam unemployed since 2.5 years.presently iam running saturn dasa /ketu bukthi. How will be the bal .bukthis in saturn dasa? will Ruhu transit in libra be helpful?


  4. All planets except Moon are trapped within Rahu and Ketu. Have you done Kal Sarpa shanti? Venus is debilitated and is in parivartana with Mercury strengthening it. How is your D-10 chart? Furthermore, lagna changes in couple of minutes hence you have to be extremely sure of your birth time.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I have Rahu in 6th house of Scorpio in my horoscope (natal chart). I am a Gemini lagna. Please let me know the effects of Rahu during its Maha Dasa and also Rahu's antardasas.
    I have read contradicting reviews of Rahu debilitated in Scorpio sign, but in my case it is in 6th house scorpio. Kindly suggest remedies.

    1. Please provide DOB and place of birth and time. Thanks.

    2. DOB: 19-5-1975, Time of birth: 8:44AM, Place: Bangalore

  6. I have mars in lagna and rahu in 12 th house. My rashi is tula. is the period of shani sadesaati and rahu antardasha good for me?

  7. I have Libra rising with exalted Saturn, Mars & Rahu in Sag, Mercury in Pisces, Sun, Venus in Aries, Jupiter & Ketu in Gemini and Moon in Virgo. I am in Saturn Maha dasa, Venus sub period, Sade Sati (and 2nd Saturn return). Many career opportunities are happening at the same time (Vaastu, interior design, film projects, retail business) but having a hard time keeping up with everything; also experiencing respiratory challenges. Would like to go deeper into just one thing. Hoping Jupiter's transit to Gemini will lessen sense of overwhelm!

  8. What impact will this have on me i was born on 25th March 1979 in cuddapah India and currently living in Thailand. Suddenly my financials have turned bad and i'm scared of its impact. Please let me know if i will go through this phase unharmed

  9. Hi, Wanting to check Rahu/ Ketu effects on physical problems with me. Born on 11/10/1978 in Mumbai.

    Health problems on the rise related to immune system..How long will this phase take to transit.

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  11. Namaskar
    Want to check out for my sister. She is unmarried. Her DOB is 12-12-1964. Time of birth is 3.15 PM. Her Venus mahadasha starts on April 24, 2013. Is there anything good in store for her. Will feel highly obliged by your reply.

  12. Hi,
    I want to know the longevity of my marriage, my husband and my life. We got married on 24/11/2012.
    My d.o.b. 16/10/1981
    Birth time 15:47 pm
    Place Jhansi U.P.
    My husband's d.o.b. 3rd jan 1979
    Birth time 17:30 pm
    Place Delhi

    Two astrologers have predicted that i will not have peaceful married life due to sun in my 8th house from aquarius lagna.
    Please help

  13. From May'2013 till dec'2013 I will have Mahadasha of Moon and Kethu antardasha. I am seeing some effects of giving up my profession, is there anything I can do to reduce the impact.
    Saggitarius lagna. Raghu and Saturn is in 5th house, Kethu in 11th house, Moon in 9th house, Mercury-Mars-Venus in 12th house.

    1. Sorry lagna is Aries. Birth date/time : 18-04-1979, 7:05AM

    2. what is your rashi ? moon in your chart ?

  14. 19/07/1988 time 14:59 mumbai currently under rahu mahadasha jupiter antardasha scorpio rising. healthproblems no job, when marriage wil take place?

  15. hi, my dob is 08/12/1977; Time 01:25 am, place - Narsinghgarh, please let me know impact of Saturn and Rahu planets as per my kundli

    1. place is narsinghgarh rajgarh mp

  16. Hello, In my birth chart Rahu is placed in 9th house in capricorn and saturn is placed in 8th house in saggitarus. My lagna is taurus. what is the effects of sat-rahu transit on my life?????

  17. If u want to remove ur life shani sade-sati or shani daaya or shani dosha evil & bad effect then yagya and mantra chanting is the best way of the complete remove ur all shani dev evil effect shani mahadasha remedies include 1 mantra “Neelanjana Samabhasam Raviputhram Yamagrajam Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham Tham Namamy Shanaishyaram" of which regular chanting needs to be done ..

  18. Hi Sir,

    I am Sumana from Bangalore. 17/10/1983 , 18:43 , Bangalore
    Married to Naveen B , 8TH july 1983, 00:27 , Bangalore
    Married on 18th August 2011 , 5:55 AM , Bangalore
    Having lots of issues in marriage and leaving separately from husband even though not divorced.

    I am pregnant and not interested to look after the kid too.

    Thus, would like to know if the marriage will last or should i leave the expectation from my husband to lead a normal family life.

    Please advice.

  19. *i am pregnant and my husband and inlaws are not willing to look after the kid too.

  20. Hi Sir,
    My birth details are as under-
    1. DOB- 07/01/1967
    2. Time of Birth- 04:06 AM
    3. Place of Birth- Mandla ( M.P.)

    I have lost my high paying job on 1st February 2013 as company has run into financial problems. When will I get a new job.



  21. Dear Sir,

    Myself Subrat Kumar Rath,
    DOB 18.10.1980,
    Place of Birth - Kanpur,
    Time of Birth - Morning 8:05 AM.
    Passing through worst to worst stage of my life. In past for several years, whenever i planned for something, exactly at the final moment something happens adversely in such a way that all my efforts went into vein. Net output is zero. tTis thing is happening from my childhood. Because of which, I even lost so many important career options viz. military, IIT's etc....
    Last year i was planning for setting up my own business in construction however failed. Net outcome is same negative. Been fall into the trap of land owner who sold me the land which turned out to be GOD property. Like this complete lists is there. I am disturbed, shattered, confused. please advise me.
    If required i will forward my complete kundli. currently i am staying in DUBAI. for any further advise, i would humbly request if you could please mail to this id and reach at given contact number. Coincidently, I came across this website. Not to be offensive but if any consultation fees is required, then please advise me.

    Email ID :
    Contact Number : +91 8018 438 777.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Subrat Kumar Rath

  22. Hi Sir.. My son born during this period with Rahu Saturn And Venus in Libra. Is this good position?